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Are G2A keys region locked?

Some of the products sold on G2A.COM have regional restrictions and can be activated only in certain regions. If the key can be activated in your country according to the product page on G2A, but it still doesn’t work, contact the seller of your key and let him know about the problem.

Where do I find my G2A code?

To get your key, open the mailbox of the email address you used for your purchase and search for “G2A.COM: Shipment”. Open it and click on a blue “Get your key” button. This will redirect you to a page with your key.

Does G2A give you a code?

To be clear, G2A itself does not sell game codes, at least not that we’re aware of. It is purely a marketplace where people can sell game codes.

What country is G2A from?

Rzeszow, Poland
G2A.COM Limited/Place founded

Is G2A legal?

Yes, G2A is completely legal and reliable. G2A is an online marketplace where you can purchase Steam keys and other store keys for various video games. Since its inception in 2010 G2A has been building partnerships with other companies, and now works with some of the biggest brands, like Microsoft and Google.

What does global mean G2A?

GLOBAL (generally available everywhere, but it can still come with some exemptions! – these are listed in the product description, if there are any); EUROPE (meant for the European region, as you can imagine); North America (meant for North America, including Canada);

How do I track my order on G2A?

In this way, to track your order, the only thing you need is to log in your G2A account. Then, open the dashboard and seek the Orders History section. There you can find the order and select the View Details button that is going to show you the status of your purchase.

Is G2A in the US?

The focal point of this ecosystem is G2A Marketplace, the world’s largest marketplace for digital products. G2A is headquartered in Hong Kong, but there are G2A offices in many countries, including China, Poland and the Netherlands.

Who is owner of G2A?

Bartosz Skwarczek –
Bartosz Skwarczek – CEO and Co-founder – G2A.COM | LinkedIn.

Where do I enter the G2A promo code?

Place the desired items in your online shopping cart. Proceed to checkout. Once on the order summary page, be sure to look for the G2A promo code box on the screen. Submit the code precisely as it appears on the coupon to receive the appropriate discount.

How to claim your rewards on G2A.COM?

Just click the “Claim your reward” button and take your choice to get a free game key or a G2A Loot case. If you chose your reward, you can see it again in the ” Orders history ” tab. You can access it via your dashboard on G2A.COM. Important! You have 7 days to claim your reward.

When do G2A codes come out for Black Friday?

The G2A Black Friday sale offers even more discounts than usual on popular gaming titles. G2A promo codes for Black Friday and Cyber Monday typically come out in the beginning of November, and you can usually use them to save on computer accessories, too. The G2A coupon codes for these public holiday sales usually revolve around a specific theme.

Is it possible to get free shipping on G2A?

You can occasionally get free shipping from G2A by purchasing from a third-party seller who offers free delivery. Sellers that offer free delivery with G2A purchases usually display this policy on their merchandise page. In addition, we sometimes have G2A coupons for free shipping to help you save on direct purchases.