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Are Fabulous Furs real?

All coats and jackets from Fabulous Furs are cruelty-free and vegan friendly, meaning they are not made from real animal products. Instead, Donna Salyers’ faux fur outerwear is made of acrylic and modacrylic. These are both synthetic fibers that differ in their chemical structure.

Who is Donna Salyers?

Being engaged Northern Kentuckians, we all know that Donna Salyers is the driving force behind Fabulous Furs, the international fashion house purveying high-end faux furs and fashion located right here in Covington. Donna’s book, Sewing, Etc., which came out during her newspaper column and TV show years.

What are fake furs called?

Fake fur, also called faux fur, is known as pile fabric, which is engineered to have the appearance and warmth of animal fur. However, the true modern fake furs were not developed until the mid-1950s, with the introduction of acrylic polymers as replacements for alpaca hair.

Can you sell fur in California?

California has become the first US state to ban the sale of animal fur products. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation Friday that will make it illegal to sell, donate or manufacture new fur products in the state. Used fur and taxidermy products are exempt from the ban, along with leather, cowhide and shearling.

What is fox fur?

With long, lustrous guard hairs and a soft, thick underfur, fox is wonderfully fluffy and ideal for high-fashion trim on collars, cuffs, wraps, headbands—you name it, fox fur makes everything lusciously warm and beautiful.

Why is faux fur expensive?

Since faux fur is a knit fabric, it also takes more time to knit a heavier-weight fabric and printing requires more dye, which ultimately increases the cost.

Are fur coats illegal in California?

How do you keep faux fur from matting?

It is important to brush your faux fur with a firm bristle brush, or pet hair brush, in the direction of the hair once a week, especially if it has rained. Doing so will keep the coat from matting and work out existing tangles. Store your faux fur in a cool, dark and dry place.

How much does Donna Salyers Fabulous Furs cost?

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When do you get your order back from Fabulous Furs?

The customer assumes all financial responsibility in sending their order back to Fabulous-Furs. Our return policy is 30 days from the day you receive your order to make a return or an exchange. If you would like to exchange please place a new order, we will credit your account after your return has been processed for the items returned.

How to contact Fabulous Furs for missing items?

If you cannot locate a missing item, please contact Customer Service by email [email protected], or call (800) 848-4650 within 30 days of delivery so that we may further assist you.

What to do if your Fabulous Furs box is damaged?

If you have received your order in a damaged box and the product has physical damage, please contact Customer Service by email [email protected], or call (800) 848-4650 within 30 days so that we may further assist you. What do I do if my tracking shows delivered but I did not receive my shipment?