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Are Diono car seats worth it?

Final thoughts. For a safe convertible car seat, the Diono Rainier is hard to beat. Sturdy design and solid safety features, plus the extended rear-facing weight range provides more protection, longer than most car seats. It is a significant investment price-wise, but will last a long while with its 3 modes.

How wide is the Diono Olympia?

Displaying details for ~Diono Olympia (discontinued)

~Diono Olympia (discontinued)
Inside Seat Depth 12 in.
Inside Seat Height
External Widest Point 18 in.
Seat Weight 25 lbs. without detachable rear-facing foot; 26.2 lbs. with foot

How long do Diono car seats last?

Diono Radian
Seat Name Diono Radian
Expiration 8 years harness 10 years booster
Rear Facing 5 to 45 pounds (R120/RXT) 5 to 40 pounds (R100) Up to 44 inches

Is the Diono safe?

Since 1999 Diono has put the safety and well-being of children first, and we have continued to advocate child safety. In 2006 when we launched the Radian®, the original 3-across all-in-one convertible car seat, we recommended rear-facing for as long as possible.

Are Diono car seats FAA approved?

A standard for Diono as it is. Additionally, the seat is FAA-approved. Much like most other Diono seats. It is one of the most expensive car seats Diono has come up with but not as expensive as some other car seats are.

How do I know when my Diono expires?

Diono Car Seat Expiration Dates With Diono, they put a manufacturer label on the bottom, back, or side of their products. The sticker is generally near their other manufacturer warning stickers. You will find the model, manufacture location when it was made, and then the serial number for that specific product.

How do you say Diono?

Diono: Dee-oh-no.

Did Diono discontinue Rainier?

In Summer 2018, Diono discontinued the Olympia and Pacifica models and freshened the Rainier. The new Rainier 2 AX and 2 AXT replace the Pacifica and Rainier lines.

What kind of car seat is the Diono Olympia?

The Diono Olympia is another narrow and highly useful car seat released by Diono to respond to the clamor for seats that permit extended rear facing in the United States. It’s a convertible car seat, which means it can be used in several configurations, including as a rear-facing infant seat, a forward-facing seat, and of course, as a booster.

What’s the difference between the Diono Olympia and Radian?

The Diono Olympia comes with new side wings that are deeper than those that can be found on the older Diono Radian RXT / R120 / R100 seats. Diono boast that the all important head area of the seat contains a new compression wall that features a rigid double wall design.

Which is cheaper the Rainier or the Diono Olympia?

The Olympia is about $90 cheaper that the Rainier and about $70 cheaper than the Pacifica. The Diono Olympia’s full list of technical specifications can be found towards the bottom of this page, but here is an explanation of some of its best features in more details.

Is there a weight limit on the Diono Olympia?

The Bottom Line – The Olympia is an excellent car seat that comes with an impressive rear-facing weight limit (45 lbs). At 70 lbs, it has a reasonable top weight limit for a harness to booster car seat. Whilst the Britax Pinnacle 90 and Frontier 90 seats can be used harnessed up to 90 lbs, they cannot be used from birth like the Olympia can.