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Are Denso injectors good?

Denso is one of the top injector companies used by many Japanese and German manufacturers in standard up to high performance models.

Does Denso make fuel injectors?

DENSO has produced gasoline injection products such as injectors and fuel pumps for over 40 years since 1972. Since then, DENSO has reduced the size and weight of these products while improving their performance to meet stringent emissions standards and the demand for higher fuel efficiency.

How do I find my Denso injectors?

Identification of Denso Fuel Injectors Casting Numbers are always located on the sides of the fuel injector body. Depending upon the years manufactured Denso fuel injectors will have a configuration of numbers like this.

How long do Reman injectors last?

We like to say that the life expectancy of a common rail injector is 200,000 to 300,000 miles.

Where are Denso fuel injectors made?

Denso Fuel Injector Denso is an international auto parts manufactured located in the city of Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

Which fuel injector is best?

Five Best Fuel Injectors on the Market

  • GB Remanufacturing 842-12155 Fuel Injector.
  • GB Remanufacturing 842-12235 Fuel Injector.
  • Denso 297-0026 OE Identical Fuel Injector.
  • ACDelco 217-2436 GM Original Equipment Sequential Multi-Port Fuel Injector.
  • YITAMOTOR Fuel Injectors.

Are Reman injectors good?

Since remanufactured fuel injectors have been rigorously tested and have had their internal parts replaced as needed, you get the reliability of a new injector. Plus, you get it at a lower price point. Remanufactured products are gaining ground because of these advantages.

Can a bad diesel fuel injector damage the engine?

Left too long, a faulty fuel injector can cause serious engine damage that requires major repair. Fuel injector problems can eventually lead to a breakdown, or in extreme cases, an accident if your engine fails while traveling at speed on the highway. Be sure to treat the problem before that happens.

What is a good brand of injectors?

The Top 9 Fuel Injector in the Global Market: Bosch Fuel Injector. Denso Fuel Injector. Delphi Fuel Injector. Magneti Marelli Fuel Injector.

How often should fuel injectors be cleaned?

Generally, any vehicle built-in 2004 or after should have a fuel injection cleaning every 45,000 miles or three years. Automobiles older than that might need the fuel injectors cleaned more often for optimal engine performance.

When did the Denso fuel injector come out?

Denso is an example of world-class engineering and are true innovators in electronic fuel injection technology. Denso introduced the 12-hole fuel injector design in 1999. This breakthrough design reduced fuel droplet size to 65 microns which provided superior atomization for improved engine efficiency.

What is the fatigue strength of Denso solenoid injectors?

Proprietary technologies in material development and processing enable DENSO’s solenoid injectors to achieve high performance with a fatigue strength sufficient for 1,800 bar injection pressure. These injectors can inject fuel at an interval of 0.4 milliseconds with only one cubic millimeter per pilot injection.

Why is Denso important to the diesel industry?

As a result, the common rail system can reduce harmful materials such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) in emissions and generates more engine power. DENSO leads the industry in increasing fuel pressure and maximizing the precision of injection timing and quantity, achieving cleaner emissions and more powerful engines.

How does a Denso common rail pump work?

DENSO common rail pumps sends only the required amount of fuel to the common rail through the electromagnetic valve, precisely controlling the fuel pressure in the common rail. There are three types of DENSO common rail pump: HP-0 – Heavy-duty vehicles (available up to 1,600 bar)