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Are all four and twenty pies halal?

Four n twenty no longer make a halal product … The factories used in the past to make the range of Pies and Sausage Rolls has not been certified for awhile now but they do have a factory (Herbert Adams site) that is Halal Certified. So all products from that site listed on the Certificate by AFIC are Halal Certified.

Are Garlos sausage rolls halal?

Halal certified | Garlo’s Frozen Beef Sausage Roll in Australia.

Are Herbert Adams pies halal?

Yes. A small part of our range (about 5%) is halal certified.

Where are Garlo’s Pies made?

We also started doing wholesale distribution. These days, Garlo’s Pies is based in St Peters in the southern Sydney district. Three years ago we moved from a smaller bakery about 1km away that we had been at since 2004 and we’re just about to move into a new place in Kingsgrove.

What pie brands are Halal?

Garlo’s Beef & Cheese Pie

Brand Garlo’s
Product Type Beef Pies
Halal Certified/Suitable Halal Certified
Certification Body AFIC (The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc.)
Certification Expiry 06-Nov-2021

Are Coles party pies Halal?

Secondly, all Coles meat products, excluding pork, is halal slaughtered including beef, lamb and chicken.

Are Garlos meat pies halal?

Garlos Pies All Garlo’s Pies products are Halal Certified by AFIC, with the exception of pies with bacon in it.

What pie brands are halal?

Are Coles party pies halal?

Can you freeze garlo pies?

Our pies keep well for up to 14 days in the fridge and can be frozen for 12 months.

Are all Mrs Mac’s pies Halal?

Mrs Mac’s elected to be Halal certified by the Perth Mosque, not only due to its proximity to our manufacturing operation in WA, but also because of their credibility in being the second oldest standing Mosque in Australia. Please note that our Halal certification is only recognised in Australia and New Zealand.