About BookRiff

What is BookRiff?

BookRiff is a revolution in publishing technology. Through BookRiff, book and periodical publishers, authors, and other creators around the world are selling their content in chunks of different sizes, allowing anyone to mix published works with their own work and free Web content to create unique custom books.

What does this mean for you?

I am a reader.

You are carnivorous when it comes to books. You love the words; the smooth, cool feel of the cover on your fingertips; the page that comes next. BookRiff enables you to build your own book, selecting content from virtually any source, and delivers your custom book on demand. Now you choose what comes next when you turn the page. 

I am a creator.

You are a publisher.

You have an eager audience, but you’d like a way to make your books and magazines go further and do more. By creating new editions, bundling your content in new ways, or allowing your readers to do the same, you can use BookRiff to give your books a second life. With your Creator Channel on, your identity is unique, your content is interactive, and your audience is global.

You are an author, a blogger, a journalist, a designer, or an artist.

You have published works, and you have more to say about them. You have content that only lives online, or in the archives of a periodical. You have ideas for book covers no one has seen. BookRiff is your platform to give old works a new audience, and publish others for the first time.

I am the revolution.

You are more than your business card describes.

BookRiff is your common ground for creativity. It is a clean slate upon which you: the reader, artist, author, publisher, and bookseller, are free to draw your own masterpiece.