Identity crisis critical state of the individual associated with the realization of its non-compliance they desired identity. Review of the problem of identity crisis in the sociology of youth is largely based on the work of E. Erikson. The identification process begins with infancy, but only in the period of youth, identity development reaches a point at which the possible onset of an identity crisis […]

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Centaur problems

Centaur problems 1) a special class of phenomena of social life, which is a characteristic feature is the combination of incongruous; 2) the reflection of such phenomena in sociological theory in the form of paradoxical statements. Concept Centaur-imposed problems in sociology J. Toshchenko, showed the importance of this scientific metaphor for the natural, social and human sciences (Toshchenko, 2001, 2005, 2009) In the future, this concept has been deployed […]

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Diverse assignments of various kinds may turn out to be a frustrating experience for dyslexic kids and their moms and dads on a daily basis. Below are some guidelines that can be useful when writing homework task. Setting up a regime Organize a daily homework regime. It has to be flexible in order to give […]

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Education (sociology) part 2

Theories that make up the fourth paradigm is fundamentally different from the first three paradigms. This difference lies in the fact that the first three are designed and implemented in a society built on the recognition of certain values and social norms as common to all human beings. In practice, in any society, there is no complete consensus on values and norms, but in a stable society law and the dominant social […]

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Education (sociology) part 1

Education (sociology) – 1) a social institution and a set of social practices aimed at meeting the needs of society in the transmission from generation to generation the values and norms of social life, cultural patterns, signs and symbols in order to ensure social control, maintaining social solidarity and play public relations; 2) socio-cultural process […]

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Youth Biosociology (Part 3)

New social experience of young people and youth theories update (Sociocultural dynamics at the beginning of the XXI century. Rethinking the youth. Youth concept thesaurus). Youth as a human potential (Social and cultural differentiation of human potential. Novation properties, the innovative potential and innovative opportunities for youth. The innovative potential of young people in the light of the biosocial changes. Human potential and everyday life of young people). Bio sociology youth in the light of the humanitarian examination (essence and characteristics of humanitarian examination Questions domain bio sociology youth expert judgment Expert judgment […]

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Youth Biosociology (Part 2)

Inevitably becomes a risk: opening a wide road “savagery” and “innovative” youth, drawing from these properties younger generations resource of its development, the information society is vulnerable to new diseases, which in a certain perspective, is a modification of diseases of old, and not just leads prosperous civilization to decline and extinction. Bio sociological look to new resources for youth development can not connect to the understanding of bioethical frontiers of human intervention in nature and the nature of their society. In this connection, […]

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Youth Biosociology (Part 1)

Biosociology youth – part biosociology emerging as a scientific concept of the interdisciplinary nature of the research and practice of complex nature phenomena of contemporary social life, emanating from the close connection of the biological and social components of human life and human communities (social communities). Biosociology different from the concepts previously formed sociobiology, based […]

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Altruism (from the Latin the alter – The other) – the value orientation of personality, focus on selfless assistance to other people, other people prefer the interests of their own interests. As a principle of life – “live for others» ( «revile pour outer”), opposite to egoism, it was proposed by one of the founders […]

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Axiology (Part 2)

The philosopher of the same period, F. Brentano developed the doctrine of inner experience as a source of self-representation of psychic phenomena. The classification of these phenomena is done, according to him, “according to their intentional nature, based on the method of positing them in objects. In “Psychology from an empirical point of view” (1874) […]

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