Reduction of Accidents Is By Training and Licensing Of All Young Drivers

Nowadays road accidents have become rampant, and most of the road accidents are by disobeying traffics signs, rules and over speeding. With the increasing number of people driving; youths, men and women all turn although adolescents tend to become more reckless. For this reason, I support all adolescents to be trained and given driving license […]

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Giving International Aid to Poor Countries

There is a debate raging about the value of giving international aid to poor countries. Perhaps the question could be better framed as: Do we give financial assistance or do we provide the means to enable nations to become self-sufficient and independent? It’s a complicated question and bears a closer look. Some argue that without […]

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Should Children Learn More Languages in the Future?

It is true that computers can translate all kinds of languages well, but based on this observation, if it is assumed that there is no need for our children to learn more languages other than the mother tongue, it will be a wrong approach. Despite the availability of Google translator at the tip of one’s […]

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Means of Communication

The world has observed a dramatically advanced in technology. There is a large group of people who are opting to work at their home. Several studies suggest that there are several benefits incurred by the society that prefers to depend on the computer screen instead of face-to-face contact for communication means. In a different perspective, […]

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Role of the Government in Encouraging Women Employment in Top-Paying Jobs

Economic growth of any nation is a great milestone that all countries ought to achieve. But in order to meet this goal, it is a responsibility of every single individual within a country (regardless of age, sex or race) to offer a helping hand. According to a report by Walby & Olsen (2002), the under-utilization […]

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Migration to developed countries

The trend of people trying to migrate from developing countries to developed countries with the aim of achieving a better life has brought various discussions among the hosting countries, over the recent decades. This migration phenomenon has brought serious threats to the developed countries both politically and socially. With huge numbers of immigrants trying to […]

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Should Children be Taught Sex Education in Schools?

Sex education entails obtaining information, forming altitudes and also the beliefs about sex, the sexual nature and intimacy. Moreover, it focuses on the development of youths skills to make concrete choices about their behaviours. It helps the youths be aware of the risks encountered in the sexual activities and also the prevention measures that should […]

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Relationship between world poverty and robotization

With the ever increasing population, more inventions and innovation from the newborn brains are inevitable (Craig & Hamidi-Noori, 1984). This combined with the need for increasing the levels of production to meet the rising demands, has led to a complete overhaul on the way production in the manufacturing world is done. (Craig & Hamidi-Noori, 1984) […]

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Children should never be educated at home

I am of the opinion that children should not be educated at home by their parents. Education is crucial as it opens the realms of success through imparting knowledge. I believe children gain a lot when attending schools than when being educated at home. The parents might think that homeschooling will make their children enjoy […]

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Youth Biosociology (Part 3)

New social experience of young people and youth theories update (Sociocultural dynamics at the beginning of the XXI century. Rethinking the youth. Youth concept thesaurus). Youth as a human potential (Social and cultural differentiation of human potential. Novation properties, the innovative potential and innovative opportunities for youth. The innovative potential of young people in the light of the biosocial changes. Human potential and everyday life of young people). Bio sociology youth in the light of the humanitarian examination (essence and characteristics of humanitarian examination Questions domain bio sociology youth expert judgment Expert judgment […]

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Youth Biosociology (Part 2)

Inevitably becomes a risk: opening a wide road “savagery” and “innovative” youth, drawing from these properties younger generations resource of its development, the information society is vulnerable to new diseases, which in a certain perspective, is a modification of diseases of old, and not just leads prosperous civilization to decline and extinction. Bio sociological look to new resources for youth development can not connect to the understanding of bioethical frontiers of human intervention in nature and the nature of their society. In this connection, […]

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Youth Biosociology (Part 1)

Biosociology youth – part biosociology emerging as a scientific concept of the interdisciplinary nature of the research and practice of complex nature phenomena of contemporary social life, emanating from the close connection of the biological and social components of human life and human communities (social communities). Biosociology different from the concepts previously formed sociobiology, based […]

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Altruism (from the Latin the alter – The other) – the value orientation of personality, focus on selfless assistance to other people, other people prefer the interests of their own interests. As a principle of life – “live for others» ( «revile pour outer”), opposite to egoism, it was proposed by one of the founders […]

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Axiology (Part 2)

The philosopher of the same period, F. Brentano developed the doctrine of inner experience as a source of self-representation of psychic phenomena. The classification of these phenomena is done, according to him, “according to their intentional nature, based on the method of positing them in objects. In “Psychology from an empirical point of view” (1874) […]

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Axiology (Part 1)

Axiology (in philosophy, sociology) – a philosophical science of values. As an independent philosophical science, Axiology appeared only in the late XIX century. During this period, there was a need to systematize the accumulated philosophical experience in matters of value determination. Ancient philosophy as predominantly rationalistic seen in person the support of the Logos, which […]

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Social Adaptation (Part 2)

There are many types, methods and forms of social adaptation. The nature can distinguish voluntary and forced social adaptation depending on the coincidence or divergence of interests, needs, and perceptions of the individual units with the proposals and the social environment changes (Shabanov, 1995). The positive and negative characteristics of social adaptation related to its efficiency. Positive adaptation develops because of active individual devices (groups) to the social conditions and social environment play with her progress in the upward direction. Negative reflects the adaptation of the individual device using disapproved means life support (eg, social parasitism, social dependence, deviant adaptation) that inhibits or harm reproduction and development of the social environment (Sviridov, 2002). Depending on the scope of life, distinguish the economic, political, labor, professional, Socio-psychological and other. Adaptation Depending on the degree of adaptation and quality of recovered stable or unstable, shallow and deep, full and parttime, high or low social adaptation (Korel, 1997). Disadaptation associated with maladjustment, I ow “fit” the individual’s opportunities in the social environment and to operate successfully in it. Undeveloped or surface social adaptation leads to conformity. According to Igor Kon, conformism means “conscious opportunism to the prevailing tastes and opinions, focus on what to conform to some recognized or required standard(Cohn, 1967). Conformity is correlated with psychological traits such as stereotyping, the inflexibility of thought, poverty of ideas, emotional stiffness, anxiety, a sense of inferiority, passivity (ibid). Conformity is a prerequisite for successful socialization of the individual. But if an individual has nothing more in his behavior, except opportunism, if it occurs only for external installations for him if he does not assert his self, checking their actions on the reactions of others, finds solutions, what to do in specific situations, the conformity It will be excessive. He will cause harm and the person and society. For the socialization of such conformity is a deviation, as socialization involves not a passive adaptation of the individual to the social environment in its compliance and active human adaptation to changing conditions, the reproduction of social norms and cultural values, as well as on the basis of innovation transformation. Particularly dangerous it becomes conformism in the case of pressure on the person of asocial and antisocial groups, when an individual is forced to extremism, rebellion, religious fanaticism, narcotics drug, crime and so on. D. Domestic researchers identify various criteria and indicators of social adaptation, namely, the state of the mass consciousness and the public mood (L. Gordon); the degree of freedom in the choice of individual life goals and means to achieve them (M. Shabanova); subjective assessments of individuals living conditions (Sviridov); the nature of social mobility, and so on. d. In the sociology of organizations, the term “adaptation” is used to refer to one of the main features of the social system and is defined as an adaptation to the changes in its internal and external environment. Adaptation is a functional survival conditions social system (Parsons, 2000).

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Writing College Essay

As opposed to worrying concerning your essay paper for days, read the following ten guidelines, which can become very helpful for you. Familiarize yourself with the question of essay closely Emphasize the main phrases. In case you do not know the meaning of separate words, check it applying a dictionary Define the assignment words, which […]

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Social Adaptation (Part 1)

  Social Adaptation the process of adaptation of the individual (groups) to the social environment, involves the interaction and the gradual harmonization of the expectations of both sides. Social adaptation is aimed at ensuring the sustainability, tradition, repeatability social experience, as well as its change based on innovation enrichment. For the coordination of social adaptation is important claims of the social subject with its capabilities and the reality of the environment. Social adaptation occurs throughout a person’s life, as the social environment extremely dynamic, instability, and thus has a pervasive. A person often cannot […]

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How to write a literature review for sociology dissertation

How to write a review of the literature for the thesis, how to write a dissertation methodology means that you can make the publication of the original work, where the most important questions around the subject .the literature around the preparation according to the relationship between each Work. To get an overview of the literature, […]

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