Should Children Learn More Languages in the Future?

It is true that computers can translate all kinds of languages well, but based on this observation, if it is assumed that there is no need for our children to learn more languages other than the mother tongue, it will be a wrong approach. Despite the availability of Google translator at the tip of one’s […]

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Means of Communication

The world has observed a dramatically advanced in technology. There is a large group of people who are opting to work at their home. Several studies suggest that there are several benefits incurred by the society that prefers to depend on the computer screen instead of face-to-face contact for communication means. In a different perspective, […]

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Migration to developed countries

The trend of people trying to migrate from developing countries to developed countries with the aim of achieving a better life has brought various discussions among the hosting countries, over the recent decades. This migration phenomenon has brought serious threats to the developed countries both politically and socially. With huge numbers of immigrants trying to […]

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Should Children be Taught Sex Education in Schools?

Sex education entails obtaining information, forming altitudes and also the beliefs about sex, the sexual nature and intimacy. Moreover, it focuses on the development of youths skills to make concrete choices about their behaviours. It helps the youths be aware of the risks encountered in the sexual activities and also the prevention measures that should […]

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Relationship between world poverty and robotization

With the ever increasing population, more inventions and innovation from the newborn brains are inevitable (Craig & Hamidi-Noori, 1984). This combined with the need for increasing the levels of production to meet the rising demands, has led to a complete overhaul on the way production in the manufacturing world is done. (Craig & Hamidi-Noori, 1984) […]

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Children should never be educated at home

I am of the opinion that children should not be educated at home by their parents. Education is crucial as it opens the realms of success through imparting knowledge. I believe children gain a lot when attending schools than when being educated at home. The parents might think that homeschooling will make their children enjoy […]

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